Things to do at 5am when you can’t sleep…

Number one: consolidate your blogs.



In 2011 I spent a lot of enjoyable time working on a project called DataBridge. This was an exploration of open data and its potential for the voluntary sector.

I worked with OCSI, Brighton & Hove CVSF and colleagues within Brighton & Hove City Council to explore some of the issues and possibilities. OCSI and myself worked with 6 groups within the BRighton community & voluntary sector to see how they used data, how they potentially could use data, and what were some of the barriers to them doing so.

Over the course of March to October (and a little bit beyond) I wrote 30+ blogs on the topic of the project, the policy around open data, some of the resources and useful information that is out there for us.

Life is moving on apace (quite literally, with the ever-growing bump between me and my keyboard), and it seems the nesting instinct is driving me to tidy my on-line life as well as my physical life in preparation for our new arrival.

All the blogs and resources created throughout the year in DataBridge are now archived on this blog and can be found here: This is still an issue I follow with interest, if not so much active engagement in 2012 onwards, so feel free to get in touch @jo_ivens.


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