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Where next for open data?

“Transparency is the most important policy lever we’ve got, and open data is the critical part of this”, so says Tim Kelsey, the government’s new Director of Transparency. At a Demos seminar this lunchtime the explained the vision and scope of the … Continue reading

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Open data – social or commercial opportunity?

Rumours of imminent government announcements about what local government will be ‘required’ to publish have prompted me to write up some of the goings-on in recent weeks. While I’ve been focusing on DataBridge assessments with our six lovely groups in the last … Continue reading

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Sharing information to understand our city better

The discussion at the Open Data Brighton & Hove group last night with Cllr Jason Kitcat and lots of others got me thinking about not just opening up data held by the council, but about the flow of open data in a more circular … Continue reading

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Big Society shrinkage?

Lord Wei, the Coalition Government’s Big Society ‘tsar’, stood down today. Cue a chorus of puns about small society and volunteers doing his job, and more dire warnings about how Cameron’s flagship policy is under threat.  But in the midst … Continue reading

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Technology for engagement?

How do we create a positive vision of Localism? How do we ensure that everyone who wants a say can have a say? What role can new technologies play in answering these big questions? Add these questions to a wifi … Continue reading

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From community councils to a Pop Up think tank

Brief musings on how everything really is connected. This morning, taking a morning stroll through the internet I have gone from a Dem Soc tweet about a likely-to-be-successful campaign in LB Westminster for London’s first community council and the National Association of … Continue reading

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DataBridge Fridays #1

Today is the first of my DataBridge Fridays, my regular day at the OCSI offices in sunny Brighton, where we’ve been bashing out the details of how we think DataBridge will work. With the back drop of tweeted news about the local … Continue reading

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