From community councils to a Pop Up think tank

Brief musings on how everything really is connected.

This morning, taking a morning stroll through the internet I have gone from a Dem Soc tweet about a likely-to-be-successful campaign in LB Westminster for London’s first community council and the National Association of Local Councils’ new resource for areas wanting to set up a community council to discovering that NALC (good organisation, terrible website) & CPRE were successful in their joint bid for funding from CLG for neighbourhood planning.

Ignoring the press releases on street parties and flying the St George’s flag I went straight on to have a look at the Government’s progress reports from Departmental Business plans and was of course particularly interested in looking at the Cabinet Office update. Here I saw without much surprise that the Public Services White Paper  is now slated for publication in July, briefly wondered whether it would be anything like the early drafts that I was involved in, and saw that the first wave of Community Organisers are being trained…

And so to Locality to look for an update on Community Organisers and thus to Jess Steele’s blog. Jess, as the project manager of the Community Organiser programme, has been praised greatly for being so open about the process, including posting their winning bid online. I have enjoyed reading her posts, and appreciate the transparency that she’s bringing to the development of what has been a controversial but potentially really useful scheme.

Jess posted about a conversation with Tessy Britton (who I was reading yesterday and who has a beautiful website that I plan to explore more later) and I saw that Jess had been involved with Meanwhile Space. And, I know that Meanwhile Space are this very week involved with POPse! – a pop up think tank on social enterprise policy.

POPse! is bringing together a vibrant group of the UK’s leading social enterprise thinkers and practitioners to spend a week together to share and develop ideas. It aims to provide a burst of critical energy and robust analysis of social enterprise policy and practice through the publication of think pieces, pamphlets and other web-based material (check out their marathon twitter efforts ‘100 social enterprise truths’!).  It’s all taking place in a Meanwhile Space (the old subway shop) in Exmouth Market, London. All interested people are welcome, and they’re all very nice, so go along and say hello.  I’m sorry I couldn’t take part in the end.

So they have already taken a critical intellectual gallop through the Localism Bill, social finance  and today is Mutual Tuesday – which also encompasses asset transfer, spin outs and community involvement in managing local services and buildings.

Which brings me right back to Community Councils again. Having completed one lap of the web I think I deserve a cup of tea.

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